EuroFinance International Treasury


EuroFinance International Treasury & Cash Management Event

12 October 2016
EuroFinance International Treasury

The International Treasury & Cash Management hosted by EuroFinance that will take place in Vienna, Austria on the 12-14 October 2016 is one of  the most senior-level, international treasury event in the world. The talk will be about how macro, micro and technology influencers continue to reshape the business environment, creating challenge and opportunity in equal measure and what are the tipping points that may fundamentally change how treasury exists in the future.

Speaking session: 12th October

Payments in disruption
Date: Wednesday 12th October, 16:00
Speaker: Daniel Marovitz, COO and President Europe at Earthport

Fintech in the payments space has been about identifying unfulfilled customer needs, in this case, largely, the need to simplify the complexities of international payments and the incorporation of the new ways customers want to pay. Again, FinTech firms have tended to look at the problems faced by the little guy – starting with individuals, moving to small and medium-sized retailers and other businesses. Now it is starting to move mainstream and offer some innovative ideas for the big multinational companies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the players and products.