EuroFinance San Francisco – cutting through the hype on fintech

02 March 2017

Jonathan Lear, Earthport's Global Head of Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships, will be 'cutting through the hype on fintech' with fellow panellists at the EuroFinance 'Managing Rapid International Growth' event in San Francisco at 9.10am on Thursday, 2 March. 

About the panel
Non-bank, technology-driven service layers doesn’t sound as hot as ‘fintech’, but that’s what most of these new firms are. Sitting on top of the fundamental financial infrastructure these companies build modern, one-stop or one-off solutions that can connect current data structures, analytics and processing to legacy systems. While traditional bank providers struggle to alter the underlying hardware and software, nimbler fintech providers can create specialised interfaces and functionality to match today’s needs. But does this mean anything for corporate treasurers right now? If developments in trade finance, payments and the supply chain essentially just overlay on the existing system, are they really improvements or just additional layers of fees? And can fintech really replace the regulated, trusted mechanisms of the traditional banking industry? Here leading fintechs give their thoughts on what is happening that is relevant for treasury.