IIF Annual Membership Meeting

11-14 October 2017

The Institute of International Finance (IIF) will host its Annual Membership Meeting on 11-14 October in Washington, D.C. This event is held in parallel to the IMF and World Bank meetings, and is attended by the most influential leaders and innovators in global finance.

Participants can listen to industry leaders discuss issues critical to the financial industry such as the outlook for global financial services industry, cybersecurity and financial stability, the impact of Brexit, the end of paper currency, emerging markets and much more.

Earthport CEO Hank Uberoi will join Franz Paasche, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Communications, PayPal, for a discussion entitled “Technology meeting new customer expectations”.

The session will explore how new technology is reaching transaction types and customer segments that have been hard to serve with electronic payment. 'From college students splitting pizza bills with Venmo, to families dependent on remittances for survival, a whole new set of customers are benefiting from new digital solutions enabling low-value cross-border transfers and connecting a low-cost digital payment ecosystem for cashless world.' 

The panel, which is part of the half-day track session “Cashing Out: The End of Paper Currency”, takes place on Thursday, 12 October (2:45-3:15pm) in Atrium Ballroom A. 

We look forward to seeing you at the IIF Annual Membership Meeting. To request a meeting with us, please complete the form below.

A recording of this panel is now available here.