Why Earthport?

Redefining cross-border payments

Earthport is the solution to the complexity of managing payments, cross-border. By taking the existing many-to-many model and organising it into a hub and spoke model, Earthport enables its clients to make payments to almost anywhere in the world, faster, cheaper and more transparently than ever before.

Current Model

The way money has traditionally been sent across borders is a patchwork of bank-to-bank, currency-to-currency relationships: one bank sends to another, which sends to another, which sends to another; a route which is slow, difficult to track and carries unpredictable fees for the end beneficiary, inhibiting the customer experience.

The Earthport Solution

Earthport’s innovative payments service connects local and international payments infrastructures to provide clients access to global payment options in over 65 markets through a single managed service. Earthport removes the complexity, enabling clients to deliver a better payment experience to their customers: faster, cheaper and with more transparency.



Message compatibility and integration challenges are a thing of the past with Earthport.  Our highly flexible platform is directly integrated to proprietary partner bank services to deliver a seamless service experience.


We have the capability and expertise to receive, validate, transform and deliver API queries and standard and non-standard file formats in local markets. Our service is continually adapting to changing requirements in the 65+ markets we operate.


We are a regulated Payments Institution governed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Our deep compliance expertise and robust risk control framework support and strengthen our client’s own controls.

Future Proofed

Our services are constantly evolving to enable new innovation and respond to a changing global landscape. Our clients can leverage our deep local payments expertise and seamlessly access new service capabilities as they are developed.

Hear from our clients

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Earthport is already proving to be an excellent partner for WorldRemit. Their fast, secure cross-border service is a valuable addition to WorldRemit’s extensive money transfer network, helping us to scale rapidly and offer a first class service to customers.

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The collaboration with Earthport demonstrates our commitment to enhancing our offering and expanding our global payment capabilities to deliver superior services to our customers.

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Earthport’s ability to provide international payment clearing services locally to many markets around the globe, together with sophisticated validation services, predictable…

Aktif Bank
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We chose to work with Earthport because they have the robust platform, broad network and low cost structure allowing us to better serve our customers.

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We are pleased that the agreement with Earthport will deepen our ability to provide clients with industry leading solutions.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Rather than investing in building and maintaining the infrastructure, expertise and relationships needed to handle their payments, our clients can focus on what matters most: differentiating and growing their business.

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