Earthport is enabling its clients to harness the benefits of new payments innovation and better service their customers needs world-wide.

Whether you are a Bank, a Money Transfer Organisation, a merchant acquirer, a gateway, or any of the many new and emerging global payment providers, Earthport provides a cost effective, highly flexible and compliant means of making payments globally on behalf of your customers or directly to suppliers or global sub-merchants.

As customer requirements change, Earthport helps its clients adapt.

Our services support established use cases such as corporate payments and collections, pension’s disbursements and remittances and provide new strategic opportunities in high growth segments such as the sharing economy and ecommerce.

Through Earthport, clients can deploy new products quickly and scale their businesses into new markets, focusing on their brand and their customer service, while leaving the infrastructure in the background to us.

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Success stories from our clients

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    Earthport provides an efficient, global payment network that will further enhance Ria’s world class bank deposit services.

    This partnership will enable us to reach even more bank deposit customers around the world with fast, secure and affordable money transfers.

    Juan Bianchi, President & CEO of Ria Money Transfer
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    We have selected Earthport as it is the leading facilitator of high volume cross-border payments.

    Its highly sophisticated payments network enhances our cross-border payroll offering to corporates while enabling our planned business expansion.

    Rob Munro, Chairman of The FX Firm
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    We have invested in Earthport as the leading facilitator of cross-border payments.

    The company’s highly sophisticated payments network will enable us to develop our offering and to reinforce our international banking network.

    Patrick Mollard, CFO of FX4BIZ
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    Earthport is already proving to be an excellent partner for WorldRemit.

    Their fast, secure cross-border service is a valuable addition to WorldRemit’s extensive money transfer network, helping us to scale rapidly and offer a first class service to customers.

    Ismail Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WorldRemit
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    We are pleased that the agreement with Earthport will deepen our ability to provide clients with industry leading solutions.

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch wanted to give its corporate clients better cross-border payments capabilities to enhance their global competitiveness. Through Earthport the bank’s clients benefit from an expanded set of countries as well as faster, more transparent and cost efficient payments that are deeply integrated with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s robust FX solutions.” “We are looking for the best way to add value for our corporate clients. Earthport is just one part of this approach which will take us into some 25 new markets. The future is around data and overall efficiency of the business transactions.

    Ather Williams III, Head of Global Payments
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    Azimo’s mission is to deliver fast, simple and above all low cost money transfers to Europe’s hard working migrants. Payments to bank accounts are an increasingly important part of what we do.

    We chose to work with Earthport because they have the robust platform, broad network and low cost structure allowing us to better serve our customers. Azimo’s online clients can benefit from a highly automated service with full visibility of when their payments will arrive, and exactly how much their recipients will receive. Sophisticated validation on country specific data means we reduce exceptions to almost zero and further drive down costs.

    Michael Kent, CEO of Azimo
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    Earthport presents a big opportunity to the industry to provide customers with better, alternative payment products.

    Earthport has saved us the investment cost and time to build the relationships we’d need to have in place to have our own footprint in all these destination countries. It is very time consuming to build the operations to deliver payments directly into one country, and then you have to replicate all the systems and processes for each new country. That includes configuring our customer operations, our networking centre, our accounting group, treasury and systems integration. With Earthport, we just do this once and enjoy a much faster time to market – it’s a ‘one-stop-shop’.

    John Kunze, CEO of Xoom
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    As the majority of our customers need to manage thousands of cross-border payments to employees, contractors and other beneficiaries, there is a strong demand for more efficiency, affordability and transparency in payments services.

    The integration with Earthport’s cross-border payments platform will enable us to meet these demands, while enhancing our global payment capabilities to remain on the forefront of innovation in financial services.

    Lisa Shields, President & CEO of hyperWALLET Systems Inc